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Zelda Week: The Game That Exists Only In My Dreams

One night, I had a dream. It was about a brand new Zelda game, one with innovative ideas in both the story and gameplay departments. The thing is, only did I realize in the morning, that it was a Zelda game. I don't know why I had this dr...


Game Design Choices: BioShock

This blog is going to be about various game design choices, mostly small ones, that make a game better or worse. This may become a recurring thing. About a month ago, I played and completed BioShock for the first time. So I'm only late wi...


Super Mario 64 is the Best

3D Mario game that is. Let's not talk about Sunshine (It's not bad, just clearly not the best) and focus on 64 and the Galaxies. Super Mario Galaxy may be the single best reviewed game of this generation, and I completely understand it. It...


Art is Intent and Innovation

Let's talk about Roger Ebert for a moment, since that's the hip thing to do. Roger Ebert is wrong, plain and simple. I know what art is, and I mean that in two ways. First: I know video games are art as a medium. I'm not displeased with wha...


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