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About Insdone of us since 11:36 AM on 10.26.2008

I'm going to work on this later, if I get popular or something,I find this crap so boring and narcissistic even though I hate people who claim shit is narcissistic cause usually they just be hatin.

I play it all, I design too. I'm a big fan of innovation and unique art and or gameplay (yea I mean 'and or'). I'm a big mecha / cyberpunk fan but definitely not limited to it. I can't play "traditional" rpgs to save my life, bitch they're droll. I like Unique stuff, because of my lack of [Uniquity]. I wear Kid robot, I play Katamari, and I make shit. I like chicks, Pixel art and Dwarf fortress.I don't like jobs, traditions, and squares. dawg.