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n3rds0ngs: AVAILABLE NOW! Unboxening and moar!

The album is out now! Sold quite a few, but need to sell just a FEW more, and the whole thing will have paid for itself...

Here's video of the CDs arriving: The UNBOXENING

Went to Marscon in MN to promote the's live 'concert' footage!

"Seeing Red"

"Guitar Hero"


-Insane Ian
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About Insane Ianone of us since 2:01 AM on 05.07.2008

So...a little bit about

Hmm. Well, i like zombies.

And waffles. Yes, those are good.


Oh yeah, I write a video game review column occasionally over at as well at

I also write and record comedy music...I have an album coming out and everything. Call it "nerdcore" or "dementia" or whatever. It's good stuff, if you like geeky little songs about videogames and sci-fi. You can find that stuff at or at my website

So, yeah...that works.

Did I mention the zombies?

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