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A lesson learned from Firefight

So I managed to play some ODST this weekend finally. This is not a story about my experience, just more like a point I have to say.

If you play Firefight, never play on easy or normal, it is so boring. Even though the game becomes very difficult later on, the easier modes require so little effort with other people helping you that the game becomes less fun.

Let me put it this way; I was playing with my brother on normal. We had no lives left and I was the last one left. In the ten minutes that I was alive on my own I completed four waves without any trouble, and took on three chieftains at once before being picked off by a sniper.

Now, I don't want to get into the whole playing on the higher difficulty argument, but in this case Firefight has to be played on the higher levels to be fun, at least for me anyways. Oh, and before you say, I am not good at Halo.
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