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5 things I learned from Borderlands

1. Revolvers are the way forward. Now I know that each weapon has their place whether it being your tool of choice or potential money. But during my first play through, I found lots of pistols, but at the same time the same level revolver w...


A lesson learned from Firefight

So I managed to play some ODST this weekend finally. This is not a story about my experience, just more like a point I have to say. If you play Firefight, never play on easy or normal, it is so boring. Even though the game becomes very dif...


So I found this today....

It was epic. I sat for ten minutes looking at the screen after I had finished. Miami Shark is one of the craziest flash games I have seen. Just play it to see it in all of it's glory. WARNING: THE WARNING THAT IS POSTED ON SOME SITES WIT...


It is to damn good!

So recently I downloaded all of the episodes of RetroforceGO! to listen to while the show is taking a break. I am about 40 episodes in and one thing is becoming apparently clear to me, I fear I may have overdosed on the show. My Life is no...


It is totally not Flow

I am a huge fan of flash games, and they are some of the most popular games out there. However, because so many are made and so many of them are bad, they usually get overlooked or are not in the limelight for that long. This is not a rev...


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Hey, Simon here. I live in the UK and am currently living the student life at university.

I mainly play on the XBOX 360, but since moving to university, I have been forced to leave it at my parents house for the time being. In the mean time I am focusing more and more on PC games. If you do see my gamertag online it will most likely be my brother who is making the most of me not being home at the moment.

Mainly play about on Team Fortress 2 and will be sacrificing a large portion of my time to Borderlands when it is released.

One of my greatest past times is the search for extremely good flash games, which I personally feel get underlooked sometimes.

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