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Looks like Fruitbat Factory is giving away more games, this time on Steam! 100% Orange Juice (a Mario Party-like with battles), 200% Mixed Juice (a classic-style JRPG), and Acceleration of Suguri 2 (a bullet hell/fighting game). They're all fun! BUMP!


SHANTAE IS OUT TOMORROW OMG WHAT DO I GET IT ON!!? (Edit: Turns out it's NOT tomorrow. My bad...)


One Step From Eden, the MegaMan Battle Network-inspired roguelike, is out today!


I've been watching a lot of modding/restoration videos lately. It's oddly relaxing, kind of like the How It's Made style of videos. Ironically, I think I'd be scared to death to do my own modding!


Looks like there's gonna be another Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes collab event next month. They're also bringing back the original one soon. Anna Adventurer, PLEASE!!!


Taking advice from my Mom (and friends, and others), I've taken off from work with all this virus stuff. I'm not sure how long they'll have me going off of my sick time, though. I also dunno if I should just risk going back after 2 weeks...


Pikuniku is on sale in the eshop for a dollar. Nice! BUMP! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pikuniku-switch/


Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Epic Pro Gamer Tip: Mash "A" during crafting to speed it up!


For those who love visual novels, publisher Fruitbat Factory is giving away 5 different ones for free this weekend! BUMP! https://itch.io/s/29062/stayathomevnsale


Debating whether or not I should take my job's offer of unemployment benefits to join you guys in this isolation thing. This counts as #selfietoid right?


Accomplishments in New Horizons so far: -Caught enough stuff to unlock Blathers -Got stung by bees twice and fainted -Paid off tent with NookMiles. Not bad!!


Heads up for anyone with a Nintendo account with PayPal connected to it. Might wanna change your password to be safe. https://twitter.com/contrabeast/status/1240459185969664001


Today I didn't actually accomplish much, but it was still pretty long. Deets below!


Indie Direct tomorrow. I just want "Shantae and the Seven Sirens" and "What the Golf!?" news, please!


I dunno the specifics, but it looks like they're doing some free Gundam movie promotion over at https://en.gundam.info/campaign/renewal/


I am too socially-awkward to have that many crushes on ACTUAL people, so have some Gaming ones! It was hard to narrow it down to just 4...


My credit union has a rewards program I never used until now. One of the rewards was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so I chose that. It just arrived!


I played the FF7 demo last night. My verdict, as someone who never played the original: I'll definitely pick this up on sale down the line :)! P.S. - Jessie a qt~


When you find out that a friend made more after taxes last year than you did BEFORE and while you aren't jealous of them in the slightest and are happy for them you realize that you could be doing much better and really want to get on their level someday


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