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I was playing Lethal League Blaze, and what started off as a normal match became a game of Catch. We just bunted the ball back and forth. It was a nice change of pace :)! I really wish the Switch had longer video recording time for moments like this.


Nintendo released a Thank You video for Splatoon 2, showing a lot of art from the Splatfests themselves, as well as the fans. It's kinda sad, but kinda nice. I'm glad I made it to this party, even though I was late!~ BUMP!


I'm back! I was house and pet-sitting for some friends today. Good thing too, because it's the hottest day so far this year, and they have a really-good AC. I couldn't carry my laptop, so I just played Splat2n and FE Conquest. I also watched anime!


@Lonemak gifted me a copy of Fire Emblem Conquest. Thank you SO much!! This'll be my first entry in the series that doesn't contain gacha.


Ask Me Whatever, because I just realized that I must look like I'm skulking around here sometimes...


When the 5-Star Summer Fox Goddess loves you so much, she shows up 3 times in 2 days!


Apparently Amazon and Target are gearing up for a really big sale this weekend. Do you think Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will finally get a decent discount, or should I just buy it when I get paid?


A certain Ninja's Birthday was yesterday, too! I hope it was a good one, and your enemies fell before your swiftness!


2 days until Lethal League Blaze comes to consoles! Anyone else getting it? What system are you getting it on? Not sure if I want it on Switch or PS4 - the former is portable-ish, but the latter has much more storage space to fit the game...


Cuphead's getting a Netflix series - NEAT! Unlike the game, I can actually handle this.


I'm in the theater to see Spider-Man! Should be fun! That said: Is 20 minutes of previews normal?


I got free movie tickets from my job's employee rewards program, so I'm gonna go see Spider-Man: Far From Home tomorrow! Not sure if I want to see a regular showing and not spend anything, or get a 3D showing and spend the difference to see it for cheap.


Pokemon Sword and Shield has new version-exclusive Gym Leaders! Bea (Fighting) is Sword-only, and Allister (Ghost) is Shield-only. Hmm...


I saved over 400 free Gacha Currency these past few months to get Sherlock Holmes, and after that...it only took 5 tickets to get him. THANK YOU, Gacha Gods! BUMP, because I'm still happy about it!


I just finished this commission I've been working on of Inuyasha and Kagome as kids. It's for the client's fanfiction. I tried to make the background lively, but serene. This style of backgrounds seems to work for me. I think it came out pretty well!


Tomorrow, Fate: Grand Order will add a new Servant based off of Paul Bunyan. The design was (surprisingly) cute so I thought I'd sketch something really quickly. The best way to cut giant flapjacks is with a chainsaw! More art to come soon :). BUMP!


The 2nd part of Afro Samurai Champloo is up! A good chunk of it is the fight scene shown in their first preview, but there's a bunch of stuff before and after it. (Also, it's still a really good fight!)


The PS+ lineup for July has changed. Now we're getting Detroit: Become Human+Heavy Rain bundle in place of the Soccer game. We still get Horizon Chase Turbo. I've seen the Super Best Friends play it already, but this is definitely a better choice overall.


Studio TRIGGER is animating the opening to Shantae 5. AWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!! BUMP!


So according to Sony Japan, Spider-Man PS4 will be getting two new suits from Far From Home as part of a free update. One is the red and black Upgrade Suit, and the other is the Noir-like Stealth Suit. Neat!


I can't believe Toonami picked up Food Wars! That was a nice surprise. I've been reading the manga through the Shonen Jump app and it's pretty good! It helps that it just ended recently, so I can read it all as I watch the anime each week. SWEET!


Here's a commission of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5! I made the art style here a little more in line with official artist Shigenori Soejima's style, or at least a rough approximation thereof. It was a good learning experience! FINAL BUMP!!


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