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Luminous Avenger iX 2 was just announced! Between this and Gunvolt 3, next year is gonna be big for this series. Now all we need is Mighty Gunvolt Burst 2!!


My Art of Shantae book arrived this morning! While I don't care for how the mailman tossed the package over the fence, it doesn't look worse for wear. I ordered this back in August 2020. I can't wait to look through it when I get home!


Felt like venting a bit, so I'm making another one of those "Here's what I'm up to!" posts. Deets below.


Finally, a Shoka figure! The head looks a little sharp, but the rest of it seems fine. https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en%20/product/684585


IGN Japan is doing a livestream with Suda51 to celebrate No More Heroes 3's launch!


Happy No More Heroes 3 Day!!! I never expected to see Arlo of all monsters not only playing the game, but loving it. Who knew?


No More Heroes 3's soundtrack is great!! It's made my drives to/from work bearable, and even fun.


When you're considering buying No More Heroes 3 AGAIN because the CE you preordered might not even be produced for weeks now, let alone shipped but doing so will basically invalidate having the cartridge in the first place.


Here's a ton of gameplay from No More Heroes III! Some of it has been shown before, but in some places I'd argue it's a bit too much gameplay. Still cool, though!


So, if you felt bad that you didn't get the No More Heroes 3 Collector's Edition....don't.


Genshin Impact Direct inbound! They're doing it a bit differently, as it'll premiere on their Twitch page in a half hour (9am), and on Youtube at noon. I'm gonna catch the Twitch version. Should be fun! https://www.twitch.tv/genshinimpactofficial


Today sucked! My job continues to expect too much of me: there's still too few of us there, the customers are too demanding, said customers hold my time hostage so I can't leave on time, my Supervisor is on my case, and my headache is back. Wonderful.


Pokemon Presents inbound! Haven't really tried out Sword/Shield because of all the drama, but I'm hoping I'll like Diamond/Pearl and Arceus.


A long-awaited box came in today. And a very fitting one, since it's Free Comic Book Day. At this rate I thought it'd be Another Winter before it arrived, but it's here now! An onslaught of pics below.


My Free Comic Book Day haul! Well, most of it, anyway. The rest is below!


Hey guys - today is Free Comic Book Day! Go to your local comic book shops and grab some free comics (and maybe a paid one or two to help support said shops).


I was feeling down about work the other day after dealing with some very Retail(TM) customers. Then Nintendo sends me an email saying this is on sale for $10. I had $6 in gold coins, so I figured why not? The perfect timing!


It's only been a year or so, but I feel like I've been waiting on Bombrush Cyberfunk for ages now. Never expected to see it in a Nindie showcase and with actual gameplay. Is it 2022 yet!?


Sonic and Tails are coming to Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania! Not surprising with Sonic, but Tails is a nice addition.


Gamestop has an in-game shirt when you preorder No More Heroes 3. Neato!! I wish they also included a real shirt, though.


Mario+Rabbids is on sale at Best Buy for $10! I've heard good things about it.


A new Metroid Dread teaser where Samus dons her best White Power Ranger cosplay!


A commission for Matt of Lotte Jansson from Little Witch Academia. Nice and simple, but I really like how it looks. If you wanna see a timelapse for it, feel free to check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JLArtwork More to come soon! Final BUM


Happiest of Birthdays to GajKnight and Kerrik! I love you guys :D!


Took off from work today because I literally can't stand my job. And by "can't stand my job", I mean after my shift last night I can barely stand. My ankles are killing me!


Beat from Jet Set Radio is coming to Super...Monkey Ball Mania. And he collects little spray cans instead of bananas. NICE!


New art tomorrow! If you wanna see it early, as well as a timelapse, feel free to check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JLArtwork


Europe's PS+ offerings, which'll probably be the same for the US...


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