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A followup to one of my favorite videogame tribute albums is coming soon! This one will be for Jet Set Radio Future. COOOOOOOOL!!!!


Brick-and-mortar stores have failed me yet again, so I just went digital. The day I've been waiting for since 2010 has finally arrived. LET'S GOOOOO!!!!


If you preorder Metroid Dread at Gamestop, you get a free pin set! As if I needed any more reasons to hold onto my preorder.


Mandatory Staff Meeting: Over | Home: Driven to | Week-Long Vacation: STARTED!!!


Google Doodle has a retro-style Olympics videogame with an anime intro to celebrate the Olympics. It's pretty cute! https://www.google.com/


5 Days Left! Protip: This makes for pretty good driving music.


So I've been playing a little of the Switch demo for Monster Hunter Stories 2, and while I don't normally notice or care for graphics, the overworld looks rather...rough. But I noticed that a certain site has a code for the Steam version on sale, SOOOO...


Happy Birthday to TheIntern! You seem like the kinda person I'd buy a drink for, then watch you drink it because I don't really drink but maybe I'd order a Roy Rogers or something so I'd still look cool.


4 nights of closing shifts by myself in a row...COMPLETED! Urge to murder...RISING! Days off in a row...2!!


Last night at work was a living NIGHTMARE. I even got a headache in the back of my head. Someone called out so I was basically left to fend for myself for hours. On a closing shift. On Friday night. And my next few shifts are closing as well. On my own...


Sakuna's getting some Spirits in Smash? AWW YEAH!!! This game has come such a long way in less than a year.


You vs the mouse with infinite scroll she told you not to worry about


For the first time in like 4 or 5 years, I have updated my commission prices! I'll do a more in depth CBlog later, but here's the gist of it. BUMP!!


Genshin Impact Direct in 2 hours! I can't attend because my job likes to have me come in 12 hours after my last shift ended, but I'll be there in spirit! There should be Inazuma stuff this time.


When the site for the No More Heroes 3 Collector's Edition gets riddled with bots and is inaccessible for nearly an hour, only clearing up once they're all sold out. [Edit]: It's working now and isn't sold out! Links below from Dmanatunga.


No More Heroes III is getting a Collector's/Deluxe Limited Edition! It's by a group called Pix'n Love. I'm gonna get the smaller, not-so-limited one without the vinyl. Both go live at 11am EDT today on their website: http://pixnlove.com (Time updated!)


Here's your "Switch Pro", guys! Bigger screen, wide kickstand, and a LAN port. Looks pretty, at least.


Anyone know any good wireless mice? The cheap one I had still works, but the scroll wheel on it is just awful. It keeps scrolling up as I scroll down...


*Solemnly salutes* https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/playstation-has-officially-removed-japan-studio-from-its-list-of-studios


I still haven't played it yet, but these Umurangi Generation Joycon stickers look pretty neat! https://shop.tapiki.io/products/umurangi-generation-joycon-stickers


GDQ will be live in 5 minutes! Happy speedrunning and charity-raising!! https://gamesdonequick.com/


So, NISA seems to be raising the price of a lot of their PC games starting July 19th, for some inexplicable reason. The Steam Summer Sale seems to be the cheapest they'll be going for for some time.


I don't normally FPS outside the worlds of Team Fortress and Metroid, but this looks pretty neat!


Blaster Master Zero 3 is out in a month! I still need to get through 2, but this looks fun.


As a wise man once said, "Every journey has its final day. Don't-"


Here's a timelapse video thingy of my entry for the latest Destructoid Draws! Final BUMP!


Sakurai Presents: Kazuya will be live in an hour and a half. I hope they add in Brave Sword, Braver Soul from Soul Calibur 2!


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