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I'm new to this site, though I feel I have come upon something fantastic. I like a variety of games from Bioshock and Left 4 Dead to Pong (which can be tricky using ancient controllers). System wise I have an xbox 360, PS2, PS1 (this seems pointless to list), Nintendo 64, Nintendo, and an Atari. My growth as a gamer was stunted when I was but a child. Unfortunately my main system was a Sega genesis back in the day, but our house was robbed and it happened to be something the thieves thought was valuable. Hence i was without games for a couple of years while insurance and the police worked things out. Blah Blah Blah, such remorse, Blah Blah Blah, such a sad story etc. etc. Point being I love video games but I'm not that good, also really like this destructoid thing but not the most rabid commenter, sort of underlying contradictions. Things that may be interesting that have happened to me. I was struck by lightening, it hurts i wouldn't recommend it, have consumed a large amount of mushrooms on a whim then been unable to talk for 8 hours, that was insane. Also have been to a fair chunk of the United States, East, West North, and South, you now all of teh cardinal states. Can't really think of anything else that interesting but if i do i will be sure to post it for most to ignore. Thanks for your time see you around.