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MDbtroid: One Hack to Rule them All!


I don't post that often here to this blog anymore. However, I wanted to get word out about my hack to as many people as possible. I'm basically reposting what I wrote on the MDb this past Sunday. Please download my hack and give it a shot! Thanks.


Metroid fans, boys and girls, today (8/15/10) marks the 23rd Anniversary of the release of Metroid for NES in North America. With this, I am unveiling something very special for you. Metroid Presented by the Metroid Database, or "MDbtroid" for short, is a graphical overhaul for the original NES game. I have been working very hard on this ROM hack for the past 3 months and I am very proud and happy to let you all get your hands on it for the first time. Forum users may have been able to see a bit of the game during its development, but now I am publicly releasing it for everyone to play! I really hope you enjoy my hack, it was an incredible learning experience for me and I feel a great sense of accomplishment from it. I also have a newly found respect for the original Metroid and it has given me a great insight into the way NES games were developed.

With this release, I also would like to point you in the direction of the Metroid Lua Script developed by Neill Corlett, who is well-known among emulation circles for his work on the English fan-translation of Seiken Densetsu 3. The Lua script is an awesome extension to the original Metroid, and gives the game much-needed capabilities that were brought about in the more modern titles such as a minimap, a pause screen map, and item toggling! For those who might have been frustrated or put off with the original's difficulty, this Lua script makes playing Metroid a much easier, accessible experience. (and be sure you have the FCEUX 2.1.2 or later to run it!)

I wholeheartedly recommend using this script while you play MDbtroid.

Together, they essentially create a brand new version of NES Metroid - and I hope you all have a lot of fun experiencing it! Please feel free to email me any compliments, comments, concerns, or complaints. Or, just write in the forum thread.

There's a little more than 2 weeks left until Other M is released! Are you excited yet!?

SCREENSHOTS: (with LUA script enabled)

And here's my YT video with commentary:
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