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Make-A-Metroid contest RESULTS!

Hey everyone, the Make-a-Metroid contest ended on the 1st and I just posted up the results today. We had some particularly badass entries! Be sure to check out all of the entries in detail at the contest page. FIRST PLACE: SECOND PLACE...


Splashdown and Melissa Kaplan

I wonder how many people that read DToid have heard of Splashdown? (No, not that old Jet-Ski racing game for PS2 and Xbox...) Splashdown is an awesome band formed in 1996, and their history and its former members are now intertwined with ...


Yoshi's Athletic Lyrics

I had a fit of genius/insanity last night and decided to write lyrics to Yoshi's Athletic theme, which you first hear on the "Go! Go! Donut Lifts" stage in Yoshi's Island. You can listen along here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlcyq18dA...


Make-A-Metroid CONTEST!

Hello everyone, Infinity's End here from the Metroid Database, the longest running Metroid-dedicated site on the net. We had our 13th anniversary recently, and starting today, we have unveiled our new "Make-a-Metroid" Contest, where we are ...


Metroid Database turns 13

Another shameless self-promotion. The longest-running and #1 Metroid website on the web turned 13 years old today. This year has definitely been the biggest year for Metroid news. Other M, MPT, Shadow Complex... Yuki and her brilliant ...


Game Over: R.I.P. Lou Albano

I was browsing through the other C-Blogs and I didn't see anything about this, surprisingly. I'm 28, so of course one of my favorite shows from my childhood was the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, with Zelda every Friday. As many of you kno...


Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

FINALLY, a show about games that's WORTH watching? NO WAY! I'm not one to watch many documentaries, but this one was actually pretty entertaining. Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe (Episode 1?) can be watched in its entirety via YouTube. The s...


Zombie: Panic in Wonderland

So what happens when you take the 3 most well-known characters in American, European, and Japanese children's fiction, give them insane amounts of firepower on a quest to destroy zombies that have plagued their land? You get Zombie: Panic ...


Wave Beam: Metroid Database podcast

Hey there, This is just my totally shameless self-promotion for our brand-spankin' new Metroid podcast, called "Wave Beam." Episode 1 features Metroid Metal and includes special guest Grant Henry! Head on over to http://www.metroid-databa...


Metroid and Tits.

Extremely NSFW link ahead: You can't say I didn't warn you. As you can see, this kinda proves that Samus has been degraded into little more than a sex object. Samus got her Zero Suit outfit back in 2004 with the debut of Zero Mission, but...


Why I used Channel 4.

Hey all. Just another blog post that will probably just go right under the radar with all my others. Before we had RCA as the standard for things we hooked up to televisions, and before HDMI, digital audio jacks, or any of that stuff, we ...


Incredible Samus cosplayer interview!

Hey guys, I just posted my interview with this girl over at the Metroid Database today. She is quite possibly the best cosplayer to take on Samus... ever. So please head on over to the site and show her some support! Thanks everyone! htt...


SFIV Chun Li Photoshop

In honor of SF IV and the new Chun Li movie coming out, I decided to merge the two together by putting Kristin Kreuk's face on Chun Li. There's another one out there that is custom-made art which is really well rendered, but I decided to j...


Any musical RFGO fans out there?

Hey, this is a shout out to anyone that is talented in the ways of creating music, especially ones that could possibly do voice synthesis/digital voice conversion. I have an idea and I want to go through with it, but I need some help. If ...


Selling some (semi rare) games

I wonder if anyone will read this. eh, anyway I'm selling some games on eBay. Final Fantasy VII Rockman & Forte Phantasy Star Online Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram I am also selling We Ski. Thanks for looking! EDIT: I found that you ar...


Metroid SR388

Just wanted to also reiterate the sites that have just gone live. This is the main page. This is the forum This is VR's new blog. The MDb will probably be hosting Von's Demo, so it's probably a good idea to get a FilePlanet account whi...


Megaman 9 Boss Sprites remade MM7-style!

So, it's been a side hobby of mine that I have created all the boss sprites from the Megaman games in their signature poses, done to the style of MM7. The idea came to me when playing through Megaman 7 and I saw the devs had placed a coupl...


first post

OMG I never write anything on my blogs. I RARELY even write anything on LJ. Eh, don't expect much from me here.


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I'm also a DDR fan, but don't play it that much anymore (i'm out of shape).
and there are probably more that I can't think of right now...