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Shit Game Review


First of all, let me thank NihonTiger90 for letting me know about this amazing game. Many of you may be wondering how shit this game is. Many of you may wonder if it truly is possible for shit to shine like gold. Well, I'm here to tell you that this game is a landmark in shit games and will drastically alter what we define as "shit".

Let me start by saying that this game looks amazing. The hand-drawn sprites really give the game it's own unique feel. In motion, the game looks even better than it does in screenshots. Also, the main character looks kind of like Snoopy, but with glasses and as we all know, Snoopy is fucking awesome. The enemies are pretty well drawn and there is even a floating head with a monocle who may or may not be Jim Sterling.

The game itself constantly runs at a smooth framerate. The only things you can do in this game are move and jump, but they are executed surprisingly well. It took about a week for the developer to make this game, yet he somehow managed to get the jump button to work 100% of the time! I never thought this could actually be possible in an indie game, but this game has proven me wrong. Also, like any platformer that doesn't suck, you're never required to kill all the enemies on screen, instead having the option to bypass all of them.

The soundtrack, of course, is unforgettable. Great songs like "Spice up your life" and "Walking on the Sun" will be stuck in your head for years to come. If more games would license midis of pop songs, game soundtracks in general would be improved.

Needless to say, this game is a landmark in indie gaming. The game only takes about 15-20 minutes to beat, but it will be 15-20 minutes that you will never forget.

On a scale of 1-1, I give it a 2.
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