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Instant Replay: Korg DS-10

Many of us have often enjoyed music-related games. Often times they
can even give us the feeling of playing music. However, how many
times do we get to truly create something completely original, with
limitless possibilities, in something resembling a game? Not often.

Despite the fact that the Korg DS-10 is fairly new, I've already
found it to be one of the most brilliant portable games ever
created. In fact, I'm not even quite sure if you can classify this
thing as a game, but I am sure of one thing: The Korg DS-10 has
truly impressed me by being the one of the smallest most versatile
music-making devices available.

Although never quite being a big fan of electronic music I have
never really ignored it either. I've occasionally listened to some
Infected Mushroom and a few other random industrial-ish things.
After messing around with the Korg DS-10 however, I've really been
impressed with the capabilities of synthesizers in general. Thanks to the DS-10 I have realized the joy that comes from creating unnatural sounding tones with
a synthesizer and turning them into a work of art.

For me, one thing that has always brought me back to games is a
sense of mastery or skill that I seek to achieve. In fighting games
or shmups, it usually consists of learning advanced techniques and
the intricacies of the game. But during my time with the Korg DS-10,
I've sought a completely different type of skill. I've been
attempting to actually become a half decent synth musician.

Slowly, I've been becoming progressively better at actually creating
stuff that sounds good rather than just random noises. Whenever I do
create something original and catchy, I'm often quite impressed with
my own creation. The limitless possibilities of creation in the DS-
10 are truly what keeps me coming back to it.

Usually when you're allowed to customize or create something in a
game, your options feel at least somewhat limited, thus the replay
value is only so great. However, with something like the Korg DS-10,
it feels as if you can create an original piece, and not have
anything out there sound remotely like it. For once, I actually feel
like I'm a musician without having learned an actual instrument. The
Korg DS-10 is something I can definitely see myself coming back to
many years from now, and still creating new sounds.
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