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About Impsmashone of us since 6:08 PM on 11.09.2012

Hello, and welcome to my small Blog!

So my internet name is Impsmash as always, and my real life name, in case you just don't want to call me by my fantasy name, is Henry.

Here is my Youtube Channel if you are interested, I mean it is just pretty small at the moment, might upload a few later if you so desire.

I am just your everyday "seasoned" gamer. I say that because that is what I do every day, I either play games after school or I watch videos about gaming. When I say "seasoned," I mean just experienced. I am not a braggart, but when it comes to gaming I can excel at it and enjoy it to its purpose that the developers want it to be played, and how I want it to be played. My main passion is gaming, and I am working on a game idea. I might blog about that later.

If you want to know my favorite game or game genre, then it would be Role-playing Adventure games, usually in a medieval style fantasy world such as the Elder Scrolls series. In fact, my favorite "game series" would have to be the Elder Scrolls. From Arena all the way to present day Skyrim. I am a lore guy when it comes to the Elder Scrolls, ask me a question and I can answer it with the correct answer. Well, that is enough about me for the moment, read my blogs to get inside of my head more!