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As For My Next Trick

I have yet another picture. Am I starting to sound like a fangirl yet? In any case, I wanted to make an anthropological note regarding the site. I think the main reason for me actually joining a site again is due to these very Community Bl...


Hi, I have a vagina.

Hello Everyone! I am new here, clearly, and I'm looking forward to becoming an active member. I already know quite a bit about the site due to lurking around and hearing about the crazy happenings through Conrad Zimmerman who, incidentally,...


About ImpossiblePlantone of us since 12:46 PM on 05.08.2008

Hello fellas. I am a 24 year old Anthropologist who obviously loves to play video games as well as board games with great regularity. I pray to the great Robot-In-The-Sky for KOTOR 3, feel most at home when attending PAX, and secretly want to travel with The Doctor to far off galaxies. I live in Phoenix with Conrad Zimmerman, my fiance-in-a-box.

Currently I am:
Not playing video games nearly enough.
Working two jobs and cleaning up after the equivalent of two teenage sons.
Not in school anymore!
..Possibly applying for grad school..
and making tons of Munnys and Xbox360 faceplates while hanging out at!

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