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First blog post for Destructoid. I've only been reading for 4 years, might as well give this a shot.

My fellow internets! I come bearing news! There is an open-source console on the horizon, and it's only $99! That's less than two EA games put together! It's called OUYA, and all of the games will be free-to-play! It runs Android, and it came with a series of ten commandments which I will now read to ye...

You get the idea.

OUYA showed up today on Kickstarter, and made more money in about an hour than I've made in my entire life. That being said, the amount of money it needs to get funded is mental, and I'm not sure if it'll-

Wait, it's already funded? Almost two times over? But they asked for almost a million dollars!

Well people, this was a pretty big deal, I guess. And that's what bothers me. OUYA is an open-source gaming console running Android and using something calleed a TEGRA processor, which Reddit tells me is bad but also told me wasn't that bad then yelled at me for buying Dragon Age 2 at release. They really should make up their minds. But yes, it's basically a box that you put on top of your TV and play games on, except than unlike a Roku/Apple TV/Google TV, it runs ANDROID! YAY! Open-source is so awesome! Okay, I've rambled enough. Now I'll get on to my problems with this.

As I said, it's comparable to a Roku/Apple TV/Google TV, but it's not marketing itself as such, and may lack in some areas where those excel. This is being touted as the game-changer in the console wars, an open-source console with a library of F2P and Freemium games which will encourage indie developers to finally get their games onto something besides the PC. See, even as I'm typing this I'm starting to like this damn little box more and more, which is something I don't want to do. Because everything that the OU812 can do can be done easier, better by a PC, Android Phone, Android Tablet, or(to an extent) iDevice. But the problem with trying to compete with other Android/Apple devices is that anyone who wants to game on an Android/Apple device does exactly that. The OUYA is bringing literally nothing new to the table.

So I suppose that my problems lie not with the OUYA itself; not as a piece of hardware or the ideas behind it, but rather the reaction to it. Before you ask, yes, I do hate almost all kinds of internet attention to "game-changers". People see again and again things that promise to destroy the AAA model, and what they fail to realize is that the AAA model is doing just a fine job of that on its own, thanks. The current state of gaming cannot continue, and it will not continue. But it will die in its own time, not because a few guys in a garage built a bigger Android phone with a controller and sold it to you for $100-$1. A bigger Android phone without the whole important bit of it actually being a phone, and not a place where you buy games that make you wish you had an iPad*.

Show me the Apple/Steam collaboration. I'll stop being Ebeneezer Scrooge-Blaszinski when there is a product that brings with it the growing, dynamic catalog of PC gaming and places it in a world of console ease. The LOLWUT does not do this, at least not from what I can tell. If this things integrates with Steam, or gives some guarantee of quality games, I'll write a second post redacting this one and photograph myself eating a sandal. Sometimes, as gamers, we get caught up in aspects of gaming culture and the "industry" driving it which cause us to lose sight of why we play video games in the first place: Because good video games are fun. Will the OUYA give us immersive, entertaining, worthwhile games? Only time will tell, but I doubt it.

*I've only ever used iDevice hardware DON'T KILL ME ANDROID PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ALL
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