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2013: My Favorite Character


2013 swings to a close, and when I sit back to consider the plethora of amazing games and other developments that took place over the past few months it almost brings a tear to my eye. However, if I HAD to choose ONE CHARACTER from this stellar year, there's really only one option.

Jorji Costava from Papers, Please. Papers, Please is easily in my top five games of 2013, in no small part due to the fantastic cast of characters that you encounter while on detail in Glorious Arstotzka. Jorji, who you meet fairly early in the game and who comes back to your immigration booth multiple times through the game, is infectiously cheerful and always has some bright scheme to get past your checkpoint - whether it's by singing the praises of both you and Arstotzka, showing off a counterfeit passport (be it well-made or otherwise), or a number of other comical ruses.

Papers, Please is a dark game by any stretch of the imagination. I can't speak for everyone, but sometimes when the game seemed to be getting almost unbearably complex and you began to stress out about how your family was going to survive the night while you slowly inspect every person who comes by, wanting to both get as much done as possible and also avoid the horrifying click of the device on your desk spitting out a reprimand for not recognizing that that bearded man you just helped was listed as female on his passport. Then, along comes Jorji, spouting love for Arstotzka, and you find yourself eagerly awaiting what he has for you today, a grin spreading across your face as Papers, Please revels in a moment of cynical humor before returning you to a hard day's work.

If Jorji Costava and the humor that he represents were not present in Papers, Please, I believe that the game as a whole would have suffered for it - more or less bringing a piece of sublime video game art down to a level of masochistic entertainment. There's only so much dark dark dark darkness that we gamers can take before we need to chuckle to ourselves, and Jorji brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion. So thank you, Jorji Costava. Glory to Arstotzka.

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