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Intro Blog thing A.K.A Hello Dtoid!

Hello Destructoid!!! Im Jude, and i've been lurking around on the site for a while, and now I decided to create a blog to share my thoughts with you guys as well as hearing your own. Since this is an intro blog, I guess I should just start with how I foun Dtoid. When I started trying to find games and news sites, I stumbled upon Dtoid and have been reading for about a year, and commenting sometimes maybe.

I started gaming when I was about 5, when my dad bought me a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Blue, as well as a PS1 with Twisted Metal 4. Ever since then, i've had a PS2, PSP, PS3, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, and an Xbox 360. My favorite genre to play at the moment are Fighters, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has basically taken up all of my time. So...yeah I'm not really sure where to go off from there, so thanks for reading and I hope to see you around in the blogs and stuff!

P.S. I love listening to Podtoid, and now since I have an excuse to post this, here's my very badly drawn "artist's" interpretation of a "Lust Gurney".

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About IjudeMone of us since 7:27 PM on 08.01.2011

I'm Jude, and obviously if you're reading this you know that you are a gamer, as well as myself, which is why i'm writing this. I've loved videogames all of my life, and love to talk about them and share my opinions with other people and well, Destructoid is the best place to do it! Quick List: My favorite videogame at the moment is maybe possibly Marvel vs. Capcom 3, because I can't stop playing it. So thanks for reading this, and I hope to see you around and stuff!