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PC gamer giving my ps3 some violaent love MK9TIME!

Yeah my ps3 has been neglected for a long time. But something happened today. Something was released, and that something was the mortal kombat demo, the 9nth in the series, one of my childhood (yeah, childhood.) favourites.

Even though i loved the franchise so much i was never good at the game, but loved its lore world characters and of course fighting. but i have thus far beat the demo today on expert with all 4 character, this i love, as well as everything else in the game.

The objects, textures, characters, animations and effects are all outstanding and the fatalities are amazing, but its not just the gruesome finishing moves no, its the actual fighting that is amazing to play and look at (something the older ones lacked) , in some moments even more satisfying than the gory finishers, the integration of weapons into the combos without having to switch fighting styles (urgh that was annoying) is outstanding.

Netherrelm studios have really wowed me with this instalment of MK and its probably the first console game im going to be pre-ordering, i may even shell out for the amazing bookend kollectors edition

If you haven't played the mortal kombat demo yet. please, i beg of you, go play it, its fun, easy to pick up and instantly amazing.

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