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Confirmed by Daily Mail: Bethesda is Al-Queda

I havent posted here or on my own blog in some time, but this is newsworthy. --- Today, the Daily Mail released an article about the risk of nuclear attack on the United States. This is “their” vision, as “This computer generated ...


Dear Dtoiders, Who knows their computer/laptop stuff?

Alright so a good friend of mine comes to me today saying "Hey Ian, you play video games, you're good with computers, you're a computer science major.. Can you fix my laptop?" So of course I go uhhhh I'll take a look at it. Here's the deali...


Rock Band price and release date

While I was scouring the internet for some Rock Band fix (since it's crack cocaine in my blood stream) I ended up at RockBandGame.com (which up til now i had no idea existed actually, since rockband.com has developers blogs and what not), b...


The original destructoid robot?

So I'm on lolbots.com because, well, it's probably the funniest site on the net to be honest. Anyway, I saw this pic up there and I remember reading that they got the idea for the robot's design from an old old toy, then made the helmet o...


Your full-on Transformers movie review

Ive been laughing at this picture for weeks. Now I cant come up with better words for it. Heres your review. I go into Transformers with an open heart but hands in my pockets. How come? Did you own generation 1 (affectionately known t...


The Darkness for $4

So Gamestop was sold out yesterday, but I found a little deal that got me The Darkness for Xbox 360 for a measley $4. Check out how and an early review


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