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Penny, oh! Penny!!!


I’m no “Gamer” or geek so watch your tongue. If you mouth off I’ll just have to get my buddy Tom to zap you good. I’ve been playing this Hogwarts Mystery Game. I have a Ravenclaw boy, yes his name is Ian... you got a problem with that? I picked Ravenclaw because Pottermore sorted me there, yes I have a Pottermore account... problem? Ok now just relax my buddy Tom is in the kitchen enjoying an Orange. I’ve seen all the movies and read a few of the Books, so I know a few things. Alright, Hogwarts Mystery is a fair game. I’m saying Fair as a Game, meaning it’s true in most respects. Penny is my girl, that’s my choice and if you say one word to blemish her... I’ll have Tom show you up close his Green spell. The game starts out with choices and you pick your charecter, house and da- da- etc. You play how you want (life), you choose when to do which quests. If you want a pathetically weak charecter keep taking the Gold. Then again if you can live with only a few extras get them and make your charecter Buff. Yea... yea... the energy is an issue, waaa... waaa...quit crying. It’s a Mystery too so if want to skip along and find out it was the Butler in the Study with the Candlestick, pay... pay... etc. Oh!!! Penny you have the best hair and a sweet smile, oops! Tom started to laugh and the juice is spraying everywhere. Sorry Tom, I have Banannas if you want one. Oh! Yes... Hogwarts... the game is a three star for me because I have to win the House Cup at the end of the year. I must do extra classes and I don’t get to see my Love Penny too often, but if she slipped me a Love Potion I’d drink it. Ya... ya... you wait for energy... you Spaz Queens just harp, harp, harp. That’s it Tom!!! Show the Spaz Queen that “Avva... “ you know that curse. Hit um!!! 

- Ummm, but she’s so sweet.

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