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And then I read the comments...

I've been looking for an ice breaker of a first blog post that I could use to introduce myself to you, dear Dtoid reader; but my desire to make my first entry something worth reading has led to nothing but hesitancy to post for fear of letting myself down. Well, I'm over that now thanks to a weekend mainly spent consuming videogame culture and ending up feeling so let down by it that I felt the need to put pen to paper, or at least finger to keyboard.

I came to Dtoid through Podtoid you see, and the Podtoid community has been one of the most wonderful, inclusive, socially aware and downright welcoming that I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. In fact, my consumption of videogame culture and news has been extremely limited until relatively recently, and perhaps this has caused me to get rather ahead of myself in thinking about where videogames are at.

I've vaunted my lofty opinions on how gaming has progressed to non gamers at work, and anyone else willing to listen to me for the past few years. "Games are growing up" I claim,  "they're not just for kids anymore, they can change the world". And I truly believe that we're involved with a medium that has the ability to do just that.

The thing I love the most about gaming is that I've been able to meet all sorts of people, and the primary way we have to judge each other is through our interactions online. I feel like the people I game with on a regular basis know me as a person better than most of the people I deal with in my day to day life. Their first interaction with me was likely not looking at that awkward baldy bloke in the corner, but rather a firefight in the latest shooter in which we worked together and emerged victorious. Their opinions of me, and mine of them, have been formed based on peoples actions and integrity rather than looks or prejudices.

Why then do we feel the need to judge those amongst us who have even the slightest criticism of our latest game of choice? After all, aren't many of us here to take refuge from such criticism? The treatment of Leigh Alexander in the comments of her episode of S'up Holmes was nothing short of disgraceful. I actually found the episode to be an excellent watch, here were two people I respected fully articulating ideas that I hadn't managed to fully form and giving me challenging points to think about. I loved it. I felt like everything I had been saying about gaming was being summed up in that interview.

And then I read the comments...
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