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And then I read the comments...

I've been looking for an ice breaker of a first blog post that I could use to introduce myself to you, dear Dtoid reader; but my desire to make my first entry something worth reading has led to nothing but hesitancy to post for fear of lett...


About Ian Millerone of us since 10:51 AM on 10.03.2009

Hi There!

I'm a middle aged gamer from Liverpool in England who mainly plays xbox games, but with a smattering of WiiU and playstation thrown in to boot.

I'm extremely opinionated, perhaps even more so when it comes to gaming, and always up for a debate/argument about just about anything.

No one genre of games defines me more than any other, with my favorite games of all time being Bayonetta, Super Mario Bros and Halo.

I'm a sucker for special editions and collecting gaming swag of all sorts, so much so that it's kinda starting to take over my house!