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my week so far: snow and disappointment

So yeah its nowing in Ireland right now. Kinda puts a blanket over the fact that our countries fecked but that's a different story for a different website. I started my week fairly optimisticly. last year when it snowed the schools shut d...


Goodbye my childhood i hardly knew ye

right now i'm lying in bed typing on an ipod touch so i would like to apologize in advane for any typing mistakes. My summer nay my childhood comes to an end on monday. it is on this day that i will return to school once again. i will be s...


Please 2k dont make me want mafia 2

Feck. thats all i can say. this a game that was completely off my radar, something i couldnt give a shit about. then i saw this now i want it. i know the trailers from a year ago but i only c...


my trip to holland also my first blog EVAR!!!

So yeah where to begin, i'll start by saying that no im no writer so i apologise in advance for any bad spelling/grammer/whatever. oh another thing im irish and im 16 so expect a fair amount of cursing (to quote tommy tiernan "the english l...


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