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God made our asses with a pizza cutter

Its true! I saw him fuckin' do it!

Some of you want "indisputable proof" well here it is; run a DULL pizza cutter down your ass crack. The sensation should be oddly familiar and you now should have two asses! Now imagine what Gods diamond bladed pizza cutter could do to your soft ass flesh if he was as careless as you just were. And to the others, this is the hottest fuckin' spam level garbage you could ever hope to fucking fap to. Refer to earlier blog responses to understand why I rage.
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Hi! My name as far as you are concerned is ICUP. I was born and raised in the shit hole known as southwest Kansas. After receiving my Diploma I joined the Air Force where after eight years of service I broke both my arms and was promptly retired. Once out of the military, I moved my family out to central NY where we still reside. On the gaming front I am first and foremost an FPS player with RPG's being a close second. The PC is my preferred platform but, I do have all the other modern platforms aside from x1. Most of games I hold in high regard were played in my formative years with those titles being, Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Vagrant Story, Dark Cloud and FF9. I'm also HIGHLY sarcastic about 99.9% of the stuff I post, if something I said in reply to you pissed you off try and take some comfort that it is not meant in any serious fashion, shit talking is hobby of mine. Speaking of hobbies I also mountain and road bike, read, and run some weekend events at my part time "jobby" as a store clerk at the fabulous and awesome retro game store Infinite Lives, come check us out (!