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Completing the Backlog: PS3/360 Games


Truly one of of the best parts of being a gamer in 2021 is the incredible number of games available for people to play not just from modern systems, but every previous console as well through official support and emulators. There is really no way someone could run out of games to play, with money being no object of course.

As such, I have been playing through a lot of games from the 360/PS3 era lately for 3 reasons.

1) There are SO MANY FREAKING GAMES from this era. Single-player campaigns galore.

2) Many games can be bought cheaply on pc today.

3) The games hold up very well!


With all that said, here's a short review of Aliens: Colonial Marines (Paid:$6.60 | Beat: Jan. 20, 2020| Original Release Date: Feb. 11, 2013)

Image result for aliens colonial marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines got a bad rap for not delivering on its promises. I never got caught up in the controversy so I played this game with no expectations. And after beating it, I have to disagree with the critics. I think Aliens: Colonial Marines is a very competent FPS and does a good job of recreating the atmosphere of Aliens. I did not encounter any bugs, glitches, or erratic AI behavior in the 6.5-7 hour long single player campaign. For $6.60, I think Aliens: Colonial Marines was a good value for my money and I had a fun time beating its campaign. Kudos Gearbox Studios!







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