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It's our Destiny


Bungie has finally announced their next game! Destiny promises to be the next stage of gaming evolution. It will revolutionize both the way we play games online and the first person shooter genre. It will be amazing, innovative, and other such words. Not only that but the whole world in which we get to play is a living, breathing thing! .. Oh, shut the fuck up..

This whole concept of announcing a game years before its launch needs to stop.. We know next to _nothing_ about Destiny. Most of the shit Bungie has manages to say about it - specially in their announcement trailer - is nada, nothing, zilch, zero.. The fact that people are going gaga over this game already just goes to show how much in the crapper this whole industry is.

The days of the past are gone
I remember reading CVG and EGM as a kid and being blown away by all the new games coming out. The developers would speak for several pages on what their games would be, how they would play, what they were and would even speak of the games lore. It was absolutely riveting. But now it seems as if companies announce their games before they themselves know what the hell they are doing. And this bullshit needs to stop.

Destiny might be great, it might even revolutionize games as we know it. It might even usher in peace among all nations and remove cancer, aids, racism, sexism and all the bad shit in the world, over night. Who knows? But right now, all we know is that Bungie, the company that created Halo, is working on a new game which they are hopeful will be good. Nothing more.

Pre-order it now!
Shit doesn't stop with the announcement of Destiny. No. They have also started a pre-order campaign for it. The whole internet is plastered with ads to pre-order the next big thing. So, what do you get for pre-ordering now? Nothing. Well, thatís a lie. You get to spend 60 bucks and know that you are on the pre-order list for a game that _might_ come out some time in 2014, it _might_ be released for the PS3, 360, next-gen consoles and maybe - if we are lucky - the PC.

I can understand people that pre-order games like Sim City at this point, or Bioshock Infinite for that matter. But a game still in production? A game that we know next to nothing about, from a company with a well established track record for making good games..? Where have I heard this before...? Oh, that's right. Gearbox also has a good track record for making great games (excluding Duke Nukem of course, that was crap), and yet, they managed to ruin the Aliens-universe and basically crap in our salivating mouths. Of course, I'm not saying that Bungie is lying, I'm not even saying that Destiny is crap. Because I don't know, nobody does.

Please donít do it..
Donít pre-order now, wait. Wait till we know more. Let them know that we - the consumers - wonít stand for shit like this. We want to know more about the games before we use our hard earned cash on them. We won't stand for shit like this. If we do, we will only end up hurting ourselves in the end. These companies need to get it trough their thick skulls that we have standards, that we actually do care about the quality of what we purchase and that we don't throw money at the screen yelling ďSHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!Ē. That only happens in Futurama, not in real life.[img]
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