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Hypno's Monthly Community Giveaway Winners: October 2016


God bless Chad Warden

Ok, ok. I admit that this miiiiiiiiight be a few days late. My only excuse is that I'm a chronnic procrastinator, and doing things that I don't have fun doing(like compliling results) tend to get pushed off until I have no choice but to do it. In order to save myself from procrastinating more, I'll just cut out the intro fluff and get right into the results.

(I'm tight on funds right now, so it might be a few weeks before I can get this out)
Winner of the PSN/Xbox/Steam card raffle: ****Mike Martin
My dick is large,
Truly throbbing, its so engorged
Touch my dick

Many entered the raffle, but RNGesus could only pick one winner. I will now list those who were shafted by RNGesus:

Destructoid dot com
Come for the video games
Stay for therapy

King Kaiser
The fall moon shines on
A mech, two lovers embrace
Beneath, Zab and Torch

Link gonna ban me,
Hate those creepy eye pictures,
Projection, maybe?

Admiral Ackbong
Killed a puppy in cold blood.
I did not forget

Your waifu is shit
Yep that's Destructoid for ya
Oh and Also Cocks

Tom Davies
fun and games for all
power and dick fantasies
older every year

Hey look a contest.
Did you expect a haiku?
Too bad Waluigi time!

Comments of the Week
I wonder who'll be featured
I hope it is me

Hypno is such a nerd
His love of sister waifus is strong
Hide your waifus from him

Sailor Zebes
The start of the week...
Magical Girl Monday makes
mondays kinda nice

Bromega Supreme
I would have tried this
If not for the PC gifts
Fuck! PS4, bitch!

No clue 'bout haikus
I will make something up here
I might be lucky

I do want money
To buy some sick ass games
Thank you very much

Hey, it's a contest,
That requires no talent.
Perfect for me, thanks!

Winner of Slime Rancher: ****Gundy****
Their cries unending
Another Nep has fallen
I've done nothing

Runners Up:

Porn is life
Without porn you would not be born
Friday is made for cats

There is a good joke
Torchman shits on someones wife
jiraya scares me

Winner of Devil Daggers: ****GoofierBrute****
As I browse the site,
I notice something big
Torchman's waifu is shit.

(Learn how to make a haiku you fffffffffffffuuck)

Winner of Shadow of Mordor GOTY: ****GameManiac3434****
Oceans of shit
Swirl around moutains of salt
Its Torchmans domain

Winner of Borderlands 2 GOTY: ****TheBlondeBass****
Les jeux jap sont cons
Je suis Philippe Poisson
Et Fez 2 c'est non

Winner of Cities: Skylines: ****ZombZ****
Niero isn't here
This is the time to do it
Let's get lewd bitches

Winner of Prison Architect: ****Amna Umen****
Cut their supply lines
My Japan could win the war
Government watch list

Winner of Shadow Warrior: ****Terry 309****
The sneaky light shade
Watches the sleepy GajKnight
In his deep slumber

Winner of FEZ: ****Seeeeeeth****
What a lovely place
Destructoid, full of friends
And eternal pain

Winner of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: ****Load of Bollocks****
I don't like mech shows
although Evangelion
can pound my butt-hole

Runners Up:

Please gimme free games
Yes, I'm asking politely
Now fork them over!


Winner of Bastion: ****jtompkins****
Years of lurking gone
Time to post some awesome blogs
Hope that someone reads my

Runner Up:

Mechs are wonderful
You all have no idea
Except for Torchman

Winner of Elegy for a Dead World: ****Agent9****
Today is Friday
My boss glances at my monitor
Misclick! q-toid

Runner Up:

Quickposts full of fun
On Fridays not safe for work
Cat ears, boobs and butts

And there we go! I'll send the winners PM's with the codes for their prizes over the next day or so. Note: In the case of Bastion, Shadow Warrior, Borderlands 2, Cities: Skylines, & Shadow of Mordor, I will need to either have the winner added on Steam, or will need an email address to send it to. This applies to: jtompkins, Terry 309, TheBlondeBass, ZombZ, and GameManiac3434. 

A contest for November will be up eventually at some point (between the 7th and the 10th.) Anyone interested in throwing some games or prizes into the pool just needs to PM me on Dtoid. Love all of you

- "K is for Kid, a guy or gal just like you. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, since there's nothin' a kid can't do." - Bastion

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BruceZ   29
TheBlondeBass   26
Malthor   18
Anthony Marzano   16
Gundy   13
Kevin Mersereau   11
Kristmas Kaiser   8
Pizza in a Tangle   6
GoofierBrute   5
triggerpigking   2
Drew Stuart    1



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