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Big wet thank you to my secret satan.


Started up a SoulSilver Nuzlocke for the hell of it, and I'm struggling to find a balance between being over-leveled and not leveled enough. Still, lots of fun. After 2 badges, there has been 1 casualty due to a crit from hell.


Calling all Shield players, I have only a few mons left to complete my dex. I’m leaving a list if those Pokemons in the comments, so leave me a comment if you would be able to help out!


Only 35 pokemon left to fill the Galar dex... God what an arduous journey. Ran around in tall grass for 2 hours before I got a Mimikyu spawn.


Pokedex in Sword/Shield about 65% completed. First time I’ve ever said fuck it and actually gone to complete the damn thing.


AaaaaaAaaaaaaa the zone Dreepy is available in never has the right goddamn weather.


Yeah, the new Pokemon games are above average entries. Best since Gen 5, imo. Lots of good new designs, the presentation of the story is much better, and the actual performance outside of online wild zone is so much better. More in comments.


Anyone playing Shield willing to trade me a Galarian Ponyta?


Cant believe Nekro made it into the new Pokemon games!


Continuing to have a good time with Pokemon Sword. It’s main issue is difficulty/exp gains, so its really way too easy, but despite that its still fun.


New Pokemon is pretty fun thus far. Taking my time with it and playing alongside my girlfriend. It was fun finding out so many co-op type stuff, like how it pings my system when she catches a new pokemon, raids together, etc.


Happy day to everyones day. Never forget that Scruff bought and shipped an anal plug to me.


I really hate asking for money, but it would be foolish of me to not at least throw it out there. My girlfriend and I recently got ferrets, and unfortunately one of them is in need of an operation. I’m linking a gofundme my girlfriend set up in comments


Hope you had a good one, Mike/dad. If not, I can throw together a blackjack and hookers fund.


When you get slapped with a surprise $1000 vet estimate. This uh, really really sucks! Gotta do whatcha gotta do, though!


Joyous day of days to the two living beings! Commemorate this anniversary of being with ample celebratory behaviors.


Borderlands 3 (at least so far) is such a monumental improvement over 2/pre sequel that it brings a tear to my eye.


My first experience with Blasphemous is identical to my first experience with Dark Souls. I floundered around and somehow made my way into the worst possible area while also finding absolutely no upgrades. Game is good I'm like 60% thru.


Tfw you gonna end up playing a new Borderlands game solo.


A finger on the monkeys paw has curled. Wake me up from this nightmare.


Don’t smoke, kids. Day 3 of cold turkey and I’m ready to soak my head in ice water.


It was Sarah’s birthday yesterday and she didn’t get as much love as she deserves. Can we get her some post-birthday celebration going?


Personally I think From Software’s Sekiro: Shadow’s die twice could have been good if it had some elements from the Fire Emblem series, such as support conversations and a weapon triangle for better balancing. An opening song would be good too.


Tried posting earlier but it wouldnt let me. Sarah and I went to see The Completionist Legacy show last night and met Jirard. He’s a real nice guy, spent way longer than he should have with every person who attended.


I’ll be the first to admit that leading up to Three Houses, I had zero interest. The concept, to me, felt like it was going in the wrong direction. How wrong I was. This is game is phenomenal. Couldn’t be happier.


On my birthday, the powers that be saw fit to send me a storm and a power outage. Yeehaw.


On July 22, I have turned 22. I’d like to thank my parents and anime for leading me to this grand achievement.


Timespinners is... alright. It’s cool to see such an LGBT friendly game, but you can really just close your eyes in combat. Hollow Knight spoiled this genre for me so much.


With my PC back at my disposal, I have resumed my eternal task of making Photoshops that nobody asked for, but silently desired.


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