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Farts and also shits happy humpday


Happy bday chris ur a real one *party poppers and the sound of hookers and blackjack*


Deathloop is my goty most likely. Arkane does it again


I anticipate another delay for 2042 but the foundation is solid. MW2019 meets BF4


Watched Hellraiser and Mandy for the first time last nite. Took some edibles beforehand. Got 2 new favorites lol


Entering the phase in my life where im watching old italian horror films


Batthink if you are reading this I implore you to accept my fantasy football trade because it would make my team win and at the end of the day thats what really matters xoxo Edit: I knew you’d see the light.


Is drunk is bueno


Malignant is the worst film ive ever seen in terms of budget to quality ratio. Unbelievable. Gonna watch this for years to come.


So excited for my pumpkin spice latte


What Netflix original series disappointed you the most? For me its a tie between Hemlock Grove and Arrested Development S4/5. Arrested Development is a gimme, but Hemlock Grove had such a cool vibe and it just went off the deep end.


Its embarrassing to watch adults engage in the same behavior that petulant school children do. I have worked with actual 4 year olds and they have more emotional regulation and self control. Just sad to see.


Really wasnt sure if I’d like it or not, but Sayonara Wild Hearts stole my heart lol. Must have replayed it 4 or 5 times in the past few days alone.


Parappa the cock and ball torturer


Sounding with horse drugs to prevent myself from getting ill it only makes sense. Image courtesy of Facebook


Wanna see the Comedian in the Family Watchverse.


Finally said screw it and got a nice phone for myself. Basically had an iphone 5 until 2020, then got an SE thinking it’d be a fine, cheap upgrade, but it was basically the same phone. Got a 12, and wow screens are bigger these days.


Brand New Cherry Flavor takes the cake for most horrifying sex scene I’ve ever witnessed. Show is fucked. I love it.


Just played against Tundy and Gayj, who I can only assume are interdimensional counterparts for Gundy and Gaj.


Tfw you see something horrific on Twitter and you need to show other people so that you dont suffer alone but its too NSFW to post


Have a nice weekend everyone 🇺🇸


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