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Symphony of the Night is a Dirty Imposter!!!!


So I'm watching Rev's Rant from a while back and something was seriously buggin me but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was, well I know it's been a long time but its finally clicked in my mind, the term Metroidvania is complete bullshit.

Let this sink in: There is no such thing as a Metroidvania game, there is only Metroid.

Now I love Symphony of the night as much as the next guy, no doubt it's some hot shit, but the fact remains that it blatantly copied the Super Metroid 2.5D formula without bringing anything new to the table. Tables need new shit dammit, what else are we supposed to eat!! This has gone unnoticed for too long! People hold up SOTN as a genre defining game, when all it actually is, is a wonderful example of how to use the Metroid formula.

Now as I said, I have no beef with SOTN, it's very existence has allowed people to regard these games as some sort of cult pseudo-genre and legitimized Super Metroid as a classic, but Goddammit! Jumping on the bandwagon does not and never will make you the daddy-o.

What are we gonna have next Metroidvaniacomplex!!!???

Fuck that noise Ese! Next time someone says Metroidvania to you kick them in the nutsack and tell em Huttyloca sent ya!

Peace Out
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