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Allow me to re-introduce myself


Despite my last blog garnering a warm response; I feel it was remiss of me to post it without introducing myself first, or properly proof reading it. Thing is, I had my introblog planned, then just got really pissed off after reading one too many shadow complex reviews; Metroidfuckingvania indeed!

Anyway, I am Huttyloca, Hello! I love videogames and some other things you don’t care about and I won’t bore you with; I also love Destructoid blah, blah, blah…
(Seriously though, Destructoid, is the first gaming website that I’ve even remotely considered joining)

So who is HuttyLoca?!

After Goro, the reigning Outworld champion, defeated the original Kung Lao over 400 years ago, HuttyLoca sapped the human’s soul. He retained his thoughts and memories thus discovering the secrets of the sacred map, which has been hidden within the Shaolin temples for centuries. These events enabled HuttyLoca to strike a bargain with Quan Chi. In exchange for Shinnok’s assistance in a plot to reincarnate… No wait…

First Game owned:

Last Game Bought:

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Today it's a speed run, back then, just an idle Saturday morning.

Contra or Gunstar?

Most played (NES):

Last Game Beaten:

Most Revisited:

Least Revisited:

Can't believe I still don't own:

Well thats it, you all know me a bit better now, another reason for the hold up was my sidebar stole my idea, oh well.

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