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The fighting game agenda. Guilty Gear and such.

[sorry about the bad grammar]

    Hello! I am Hubert, today I decided to make a blog about something that is very popular on Destructoid FIGHTING GAMES! Anyways, I wanted to go over fighting games and why they are becoming so popular and or were so popular. First, a bit of background history I grew up with very few fighting games since I started gaming around a weird time and I didn't really know of that many game genres but I fell in love one day playing a playstation game called Guilty Gear all the awesome things in it I describe it know as "Mortal Kombat and Street fighter mixed with with classic rock." So getting to the root of things it seemed pretty cool and I loved that game and still call it my favorite fighting game series of all time.

   Enough about me, over those years it seemed to me that fighting games were a bit of a rarity.... Well so was every other genre that I noticed except for racing...... Anyways! What I am saying is that fighting games were dying not because people didn't stop loving them it was just they were few and far between a Mortal Kombat here a Soul Cal here and A tekken there [great series of games]. It did however show something though [about the time Armageddon came out People were patient [it's still evident today because of how long we've waited for KHIII to be announced or Half-Life 3 still.] No matter about anything people loved these games still had tournaments for them and it was generally awesome to kick your friends butt.  Then when playing Armageddon one day I noticed fatalites and looked back at the other mortal Kombats [played them on  a friends PC when he had a game software called M games] I noticed fatalites were cool... Then I understood fandom why people an wait so long for a game because of the awesome features they get and all the cool stuff they can pull on their friends Example <.<. In conclusion to this part FIGHTING GAMES BE AWESOME! [running out of space and time i'l make a follow up later] Edit: New blog out Monday-ish the second part will be about future fighting games and the present of them as well. Sorry I thought I would have time to do it sooner.
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