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Present and future fighting games.

So, Last time I left off about fighting games and now we go to the future and present of fighting games. In the past since everything was so low budget and barely coded we got waves on waves of these fighting games. In an industry where if you used a budget from 1980 you'll be laughed at by other big name corporations [unless you're indie then it's a miracle.] So where do fighting games stand now? Well the fighting game industry has been..... it's a heart monitor on an average episode of house. I mean Street Fighter IV was released 07 or 08 and they've just barely been updating it. Capcom, has aid there will be a new one but they said it would be in 2018 right? That's maybe a new version or two of an Xbox and maybe an updated PS4 coming out right? Oh and possibly a WiiU slim or something. But other fighting games have also been rather dry I know many people that played BlazBlu and it did not hit that rich filling in their hearts unlike Guilty Gear [yes I am afanboy shush.] Then we also had A fighting game become an RTS! WTF GUILTY GEAR 2!!!!!!!! But those are only the bad sides we still have the good.

The good about recent fighting games and hell even the community is all the great choices and the hype. King of fighters, Mortal Kombat, Remakes, Persona. Damn it's a good time to game! Okay, so Mortal Kombat the reboot was amazing we can almost all agree it was really good with great mechanics and it brought so much hype! Then we still have UMVC3 which isn't the greatest with its updates and mechanics but  is fun and is used fairly often for Hype [sadly the non pro community has died down a lot] Then King of fighters [wahhh I haven't played :,( but the music is so good and it has magical hype.] Now we also have all these remakes coming out I can't evenlist them off all and it's amazing. Finaly Persona came in from nowhere and swept everyone off there feet so did Injustice [Injustice sadly prefers "zoning" and does not cause much hype at all go on Twitch see how many are streaming/ watching it.] In conclusion amazing games will bring results :D

To conclude we have the future of fighting games which I briefly touched upon. Capcom is still trying to ship the same game sadly just with more buffs/nerfs and fixes and also new stuffs a bit. I tried containing myself this entire Post but sorry..... OMG GUILTY GEAR XRD SO MUCH HYPE I WANT A RELEASE DATE SOMEONE PLEASE I WNATED TO FLY TO JAPAN TO PLAY THE LATEST BUILDDD SO HYPED! Erm hum. Sorry about that and then Injustice might be getting how many more new characthers. Also WII U PORTS! That's a plus right? Anyways to wrap things up video games. [also a trailer yes more Guilty gear.]
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