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FooLiz AvP Style

Hey everyone,

Recently I created an illustration of Dtoid’s very own (and lovely) FooLiz that would take place in the Aliens vs. Predator universe.

FooLiz’s outgoing personality did not mix well with what I remembered of the computer games (where I would flee in terror only to be brutally cut down by and Alien or a Predator). Instead I drew inspiration from my favorite side scrolling beat-em up: Capcom’s Aliens vs. Predator arcade game. Which has a more aggressive action approach to the universe.

Rather than placing her in the roll of Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa I thought it would be better to craft FooLiz into her own character. Unfortunately in the Alien’s universe the common side arms for Marines are a bit, shall we say, lacking. I instead chose to miniaturize the M41A Pulse Rifle into a very large machine pistol (because… well… it looks cool). Though not very canonical (is that the word I’m looking for?).

As with many things I can’t say I’m satisfied with the end result but without sounding too prideful or arrogant (and if I do, I sincerely apologize) I feel the final illustration is fun.
Have a happy Memorial Day everyone.


Final Image:
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