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Idea for a Community Activity

This was something a few friends and I used to do and I would like to try to start the tradition here on DToid as there are quiet a few of you which amazing artistic merit or absolutely dynamite humor. In essence on �Media Monday� a theme...


Schafer on Drake�s� shirt.

I apologize if this was posted before (and it's not a terribly long post I realize) but I did get quite a laugh from this. Tim Schafer had a funny little snippet regarding the dressing manner of the main protagonist in Drake�s Fortune� er, ...


My Xbox Has Taught Me Melancholy

Well, work and intermittent errands cause me to miss last night�s WarCawks match. Sorry guys. What I thought would turn out to be good news is receiving my replacement Rock Band guitar. I work to unpack the replacement and package up the b...


Happy Early Turkey Day (potentially NSFW)!

I'd like to apologize as I realize this is being placed a day early. I have no real intention on being online this Thanksgiving and I thought I'd place this up before I forgot. I wanted to make mention of three things. First, for those wh...


Gratitude towards DVDDesign

Getting home yesterday, I was happily surprised to see a package had arrived for me. I'd like to take this moment to thank the illustrious DVDDesign for taking time to on his trip to help get me a WonderSwan Color and a few games....


Initial Impressions: Beautiful Katamari

With many 360 owners recovering from the onslaught that was the Halo 3 marketing campaign and/or enjoying Valve�s latest video game opus- I was surprised to see a game I was eagerly awaiting arrive with little to no fanfare. HELLZ YEAH! ...


Gametap's newest addition is Ridiculously Awesome

As mentioned in Jaredr's comments, one of the greatest and goofiest game of all time (for me at least) was released on Gametap today. The game I'm referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is: The Typing of the Dead For those who are not terri...


Monday Mild Verbal Disagreement (MMVD) � Post FNF

This upcoming holiday, all I�m planning on doing is lounge around my apartment and play videogames all day. Is any D'Toiders planning on doing something similar? (I'll also be reposting this Sunday evening for possible late comers) I was t...


Sam & Max Season Two Trailer

(On the off chance this hasn't been posted already.) If you're like me, you're chomping at the bit for the new Sam & Max season to begin. To my surprise, I received an email this morning that shows a trailer for the upcoming season. The ...


Possible dumb question about C Blogs?

I do apologize if this was mentioned already. But how long was the friend list community blog portion been there? I just noticed it a few moments ago. Once again, I am sorry if this was made blatantly apparent earlier.


Would like help with my banner (please?)

Being sick yesterday and today left me with a bit more free time. I thought I would throw my hat into the arena for the God of War banner competition. I am not under the illusion of possibly winning as I blog so infrequently and will very l...


360 with a WiiMote (Fake?)

Seems a fellow, by the title OBsIV on his blog, has found a way to play Halo 2 with his WiiMote. I don�t feel I would do a summary of the steps taken justice and would simply advise visiting the webpage here: http://obsiv.spaces.live.com/...


2nd try at a First Post? (PSP/iPod/Zune Wallpapers)

Very recently, I ran into logging issues in that led to the loss of all my earlier posts and comments. While my comments were numerous and posts were verbose- they were also very inane and actually not much of a loss. :) My only regret ...


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