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Additional reminder that Persona 3 FES releases tomorrow

With the Metal Gear beta and GTA IV on the horizon, I just wanted to remind those interested but may have forgotten- Persona 3 FES is being released tomorrow.

They�ve added new hours of game play, weapon synthesis system (though I had thought the Persona fusion system they had was already extensive enough), and a hard mode for those who really enjoy a challenge.

For those who haven�t played Persona 3- I implore you to get this game. It�s considered one of the better games of 2007 and sits easily among my favorite RPGs of all time. Though it�s a last-gen title, it still has a strong ascetic due to great art direction. Story is great, characterization is solid, and an enjoyable battle system once you figure it out.

I would say more but I feel keeping it simple does a better job encompassing how I feel about it. It�s a really fun game and I think worth the 30 bucks.

(And I just saw the animated ad on Dtoid as I wrote this. >.<)

Picture unrelated:

Aegis from Persona 3
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