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Grand Theft Auto V: Resetting the standard


You can aspect to see a few characters from past GTA titles causing mayhem in GTA V, but they will only appear & be playable online

After witnessing the online gameplay video. I'm happy to confess that I believe this will be the best online experience that any game has to offer. Unfortunately, it won't be accessible until October 1st. Which might frustrate some people, but not me. This allows me to really indulge in the single player experience & not have the compulsion to jump straight online. Which would have been the more likely outcome, had the online feature been accessible the day of release.

Not only can you customize your online character, but it looks like everything you can do in single player will be available online too! Not only that, but being able to create our own death-matches & build race tracks for land, air, or sea. Are signs that we won't be getting frivolous dlc content. Say good-bye to map packs & paying for content that was already available to you in single player but you have to purchase the dlc to access it online.

While some people may claim that GTA V is the greatest GTA title. That statement doesn't truly express it's greatness. It's bigger then just another series in a franchise, it's the evolution of the open world genre & maybe even gaming.
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