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Fahrenheit PS3-60: The digital era of gaming


After time, certain things become obsolete. I mean, phone booths don't even exist anymore. Dj's don't mix and scratch with vinyl, & when's the last time you seen someone with a portable cassette or cd player? I'll wait...

Just as the television replaced the radio, digital releases will undoubtedly destroy physical copies. Music, movies, books, magazines, & video games will all be digital releases 20 years from now (if not sooner). All these things will become downloadable. Ipads will replace televisions.

With game companies claiming that used games are destroying the market. This seems to be the most likely outcome. Also putting an end to modded systems, pirated games & leaks. No more pre-ordered bonuses, no more online passes, no more having to camp in front of stores waiting for a release.

While watching the commercial for the Ipad 3. I noticed that everyone in this commercial owned an Ipad 3. It made me think to myself, "Damn, that's what the future will be like in 20 years". I started to imagine how far down the rabbit hole that our society will go.

Although, we are already in the digital era, this is only the beginning. This won't happen over-night, in the words of the late Alonzo Harris "This shit's chess, it ain't checkers".

Take LCD & plasma TVs for example, almost everyone owns one. For those of you who don't, you will when that heavy ass 36" in dies, then what will you do? Go to the store and buy a new TV, except they only carry LCD or plasma TVs. In the end, we are all forced to conforming to the standards that they set.

I'm sure consoles for gaming in the "digital future" will reduce in size (eliminating disc drives). Hard drives will no longer be needed, Believing that consoles come with some sort of cloud space memory. To even use the console, you will have to be signed in online to use it (no offline usage).

Advertisements will run rampant on these things. Instead of you sitting in a lobby and waiting for members to join, or for the match to start. This will be replaced with advertisements and sponsorships running before and after every match.

Even though everything has gone digital, you still will be able to rent games & movies as long as you have membership. The downside, is that they will only carry certain titles for a unprecedented time.

Just like today's cell phones, every console will come with a camera in it, so you can live chat online. But you will need the designated app to do so. Just like the apps on the 360 (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Apps will play a huge factor in this era. Like having to use an app just to acquire dlc or add-ons.

Today's world revolves entirely too much around convenience. Making things easier & more accessible then it did 20 years before. So just imagine 20 years from now.

You have to understand that we’re nothing more than market for them, of no significance otherwise. So in the end, physical copies will become as useful as trying to play an 8 track cassette in your car. It served it's purpose throughout the years, but a time will come where it's outlived that purpose.
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