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A Gift & A Curse: DLC add-ons, Are they excessively overused?


Note:While there's always two sides to a story, I attempt to explain my side of the coin

Just to set the record straight and not cause any mass hysteria. I love download content! I just feel at times there are some add-ons that can be pretty ridiculous with certain titles or content (or lack of). Take "Skyrim" for instance (probably not a good example to use, as the dlc hasn't been released). I enjoy "Skyrim" and look forward to seeing what they release for dlc (I'm still waiting for the 1.5 update, and that looks so damn good, I feel like I'm getting some free dlc). Now I can't predict my feelings for what may come with the actual add-on pack. I can say that I brought a game that I won't feel like I was robbed from the experience when the dlc is released...as of now, lol.

I brought an arcade game just recently (that I've wanted to get, but have been waiting for it to be on sale). "Hard Corps Uprising" (the anime "Contra"). If you played the game then you know that in the beginning there's a short anime that shows ALL of the characters (it even gives really quick insight behind each characters story).

Allow me to explain my madness. I have wanted to purchase this game for awhile, but refused to pay $15 for it. Not that I don't think it was worth it but it was the add-ons that I couldn't get over. I'm aware they were only priced for $2.50 each, so that's 3 add-on characters, that comes to $7.50. Add-on the purchase of the game, that's $22.50. That's honestly not much, right. Oh! but here it comes, it was the principle of it all. Really? Just sell me the game with all the characters and price it for $20. Is that asking for too much? Why do I have to purchase the game and then buy all these characters (who were intended for this game) separately? Konami? Are you hurting so bad that you need that extra 2.50? Fuck it! Sell it to me for 22.50 but don't try fooling me into believing that I'm getting an add-on, when really it was a short-of. I digress.

On to the next one, "Red Dead Redemption". Most of their dlc pertained to online users. Should we look at single player & multiplayer as two separate entities? If not, then why do I feel like I'm being sold as if they are. It all came in the same box, right?

It all started off so beautifully. "Outlaws to the End", a free dlc. Then came the "Legends & Killers" pack, I brought this just for the 8 characters from "Red Dead Revolver", but it also came with 9 multiplayer maps, a tomahawk, and more achievements.

Then came the "Liars & Cheats". Which came with a new game mode called "Stronghold", horse racing, liar's dice, poker, an explosive rifle, new gang hideouts, new achievements, & 15 characters from the single-player story. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You almost had me there. That's what I'm talking about. I'm not about to pay for something that should have already came with it.

I would have gladly coughed up $10 for this pack, just for the new game mode, the explosive rifle, the hideouts, and the achievements. Even though the other things aren't things I'd be particular interested in, (and they were in the single player story) I still would have brought it. It was those damn 15 characters from the single-player story, and for that I just couldn't do it (and don't even get me started on the so called "Legendary" characters online). I basically passed on this because I felt like Rockstar were being "Liars & Cheats".

Every other release besides that I brought, I mean, "Undead Nightmare" come on, a no brainer. It wasn't like the releases were bad. They did a impeccable job, if it wasn't for that one blemish. The single-player will forever be memorable. The online was bananas! Yes! I could of sucked it up and just took one for the team, but I have principles. In the words of the late Tony Montana "All I got in this world is my balls and my word...& I'm not breaking them for no one".

I'm not saying that dlc add-ons is bad thing by any means, but more so on purpose of it's use. Every case has a different scenario.

So what's the scenario? "Saint's Row the Third" is that scenario. Charging it's customers $3.00 for cheat codes as an add-on dlc. Again it's not the price, it's the principle. While $3.00 isn't much, look at the content, there must of been a more feasible way to approach this. I mean this is utterly ridiculous. Then there's the $10.00 to play online co-op. Really? like it's not bad enough that you stripped the multiplayer out (which is another reason why I loved this series) but on all previous releases I was never charged for co-op, so why now? Again I digress.

SUPER MEAT BOY! Love! Love! Love! this game.This game is so dripped and draped in nostalgia, it's a fucking time warp. This game did something innovative when it came to it's dlc. They have this world called "TEH INTERNETS" and you can access all it's dlc for free and play it. They have even uploaded maps from a couple people who created maps using the pc version. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Next, "Castlevania:Harmony of Despair" Will Konami be up to their old tricks? You better believe it. With this one they up the ante. When you purchase the game you get 6 chapters (levels) and 5 characters (Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Shanoa, & Charlotte) for 15.00. Not bad. Until you factor in this detail that even I can't even comprehend. They priced certain chapters at different prices as they did with the characters.

-Chapter 7:Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire $5.00
-Chapter 8:The One Who Is Many $4.00
-Chapter 9:Lord of Flies $4.00
-Chapter 10:Origins $3.00
-Chapter 11:The Legend of Fuma $3.00
-Getsu Fuma-$2.00
-Simon Belmont-$2.00
-Yoko Belnades-$3.00
-Julius Belmont-$3.00
-Maria Rendard-$3.00
-Richter Belmont-$3.00
-Music Pack 1-$2.00
-Music Pack 2-$2.00

Umm..$39.00 worth of dlc, then add in the purchase of the game, $54.00! That's the price of a used new release at Gamestop. This has to be the most expensive arcade title. Now here's my issues, why are the maps priced differently? Why didn't they just include Simon with Origins & Getsu with The Legend of Fuma and just make it $5 for each one.I mean these are the levels these characters originated from? Why can't they package these things better?

I'm not saying that all dlc add-ons should be free either. Although it would be nice, (it's irrational) It's all based within it's content. There is absolutely no plausible explanation for this excessive behavior. DLC add-ons may never be the same, Something that was once used for actual content, has now been used for exploiting it's customers. I have a feeling that it will only get worse in time.

You may think I'm insatiable, but really I'm just logical. Maybe your irrational.
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