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10 things you didn't know about HXVND XF HVDXZ

(Note:So after reading numerous post I noticed a lot people had shared deep personal information or stories, and it was ultimately more insightful and helpful with getting to know them better. I thanked everyone of them for sharing...literary! I debated if I should do one, especially after posting an introduction just recently. While there were some things that I felt I had left out in the post, I figured what better time then now to clear that up.)

X. I'm a serious chess player!

I've been playing chess since I was 13 years old. Now I was never in a chess club or anything of that nature. It has always been something I've done in my spare time with friends & family or during incarceration. An old Vietnam vet taught me how to play when I was younger. I've been hooked to game ever since. Now while I haven't dabbled into time chess, I want to for the difficulty. I don't play online, simply for the pleasures of an actual chess board, moving actual chess pieces, and playing with an actual human being in front of me. I mainly indulge in human interaction (besides online multiplayer & trying to blog).

XI. I'm more spiritual, then I am religious

Just to clarify, I'm not religious at all. While I have read different books of religion and enjoyed the content of those readings. I have always found it strange how serious people took to religion. My main question to them has always been, "Did you get the message?" (basically all the different literature based on religion, all have the same message). I've never felt the need to gravitate to a certain religion. It only seems that they reticule each other on their beliefs while considering their beliefs to be of higher or greater value. Where is this moral value scale at? Which is why I have a strong distaste in labels and titles. No one should be categorized by a belief or difference in opinion. In the end, we all fall under one category, homo sapiens. That's where the line should be drawn, everything else is to segregate us from each other.

VIII. I hate the ideology behind "No Homo" & "Pause"

In the words of Felonious Monk "Listen, Let me tell y'all something.Your really not bright enough to umm..say pause and no homo cause you can't even f**king make a subject and verb conjugate. Do you know how to conjugate a verb? Do you know what the f**k conjugate means? My point is, if you can't even understand simple English concepts, then how the FUCK! can you comprehend whether or not what I'm saying has some type of homosexual consultation motherf**ker!"

If you have a few minutes to spare, I strongly suggest you give this a watch & listen. This man expresses and shares my same feelings towards this non-sense.

VII. Why I never played football again

When I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I had decided to try out football. Now, I was skinny back then, weighing in at 100 lbs soaking wet. Now I was at every practice, learning every route, and doing everything asked of me but I always sat on the bench during the games. By me not getting any play time on the field, my mother spoke to the coach. As a result, my skinny ass somehow ended up in the position of a center (til this day, a position I'm clearly not suitable for.) In the first minute, of my first game, I get injured after my first hike (go figure, lol). The injury, a torn meniscus in both my knees. They been fucked up every since, they make this crackling sound anytime I bend my knees all the way.

VI. I used to play POG!

Honestly, who remembers playing this shit? LMAO!!! If you don't know, Google it!

V. I'm anti-social media

Before anyone gets they panties into a bunch, blogging is the only source of social media I use currently (I just started a week ago). I do not have nor want to be affiliated with a Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other source of social media buffoonery.

Exhibit A:
"It use to be hard to connect, when friends formed cliques, but it's even more difficult to connect now that clicks form friends, but who am I to judge? I face facebook more then books face me"

Exhibit B:
"iPod! iMac! iPhone! iChat! I can do all of things without making eye contact"

for more watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAx845QaOck
Marshall Soulful Jones-The Truth About Our "i" Society..Today's Reality Of Technology
(Again, if you have some time, this spoken word poetry explains more elegantly then I ever could)

IV. I read a lot of "Goosebumps" books

When I was young, I read a lot of books. While I still do read books, There was one particular author that really intrigued my imagination at a young age, R.L Stine. Around this age, I had read countless comic books and comic strips but those had pictures and captioned dialogue. There was something about the "Goosebumps" series that really grab my attention as a young reader (I also started to read Steven King and Dean Koontz novels shortly after). Undoubtedly, it was Goosebumps that opened up my horizon to go on to read countless other books afterwards.

III. I enjoy drawing & doodling

I actually drew that. I have always had this thing for doodling. Even after taking a hot shower, I'll doodle on the foggy mirror. Anytime I was bored in class, I would just draw. It's like a compulsion, I can't resist the urge to doodle when I'm bored. It is something I enjoy doing, almost like it's therapeutic. I'll post some more drawings and doodles in the future.

II & I . I love my kids & they made me change my life around for the better

If you read my introduction you probably noticed that I love my kids. I wasn't who I am today before I had kids, certain aspects of my life were altered after the birth of first kid. Not to say, it was instant life changer, cause I was incarcerated during the birth of my second child (due to me violating my probation.) For instance, I was on probation for an "attempted felonious assault". Which got me 6 months of maximum security in the county jail (23 hrs locked down in a cell w/ an hour of day-room) and 3 years of probation. It is my 1st & only felony.

After my release, I went right back to the streets selling drugs once again. Within that week, I caught another case, an "assault & battery" and was arrested but had bonded myself out.

A couple months later, my partner "Red" & I, our house gets raided. They never found any paraphernalia so they couldn't charge us with anything, but I had violated certain probation stipulations. My probation officer gave me an ultimatum, either I go back in front of my judge (who told me if he ever seen me again he'd make finish out my whole sentence which was 2 years) or complete a 3-5 month program called "Alternative Direction" or A.D for short. Well you know which route I took, the 3-5 months. Now before I went to A.D, my women was pregnant at the time & fatherhood wasn't really something I was prepared for at the time.

So after completing the A.D program (which I almost got sent to boot camp for coming back from work on my last day drunk). I still was dibbling & dabbling in drug sells. It wasn't till my son was born, that I started to make changes. I hadn't perfected this change but I willing to take the steps needed to. A year & half later, my women is pregnant again, and I decided to get back in the game (even though I was working 2 jobs at the time, let me tell you, babies are expensive). Which ended with me violating my probation yet again. Which brings me back to missing the birth of my second child. That was gut wrenching (especially considering the situation with my second born). After being released, I have never been back since.

I did not choose to speak on this to make myself look tough, gangsta, thuggish, or some type of bad ass. Getting arrested and going to jail doesn't make someone hard, it really means they were dumb enough to get caught (myself included). I chose this one to be last cause I felt this wasn't just personal but also completely unexpected (like the twist at the end of a movie). My kids really did change the route I was going down. Not to sound clique, but if it wasn't for them I honestly would be dead or in prison. While going through my teenager phase I had hit a bad streak. I didn't care about anything or anyone including myself. Even after losing numerous friends to gunshots & prison (some who are still serving time in the joint), I didn't quit. I grew up without a father & I lost my mother at the age of 14. Which is why I knew, I needed to get my shit together, so that my kids didn't grow up without a father & fall victim to the same mistakes I made in life

While I'm not proud of who I was, I'm not ashamed of it either. I don't live my life with regrets, cause it took me to go through all that to become who I am today.
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