PSXE: Video: I played these four PS Vita games at E3

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i'm this dude, about twenty five years of age. i live in the northwest and hate everything, half the time. otherwise, i'm aight. i would like to note that i am 3/4 drunk right now. i am in love with videogames. there, i said it. it is what it is. i am not proud of it., but what can you do? eh? i currently enjoy playing battlefield: bad company 2, MAG, halo: reach, kkillzone 3, demons souls(hard as fuck, goddamn!), l.a. noire, portal 2/any other majorly hyped games. tevs, i'm a sellout prick. i'm pretty much ok with it though. this shit is way too long for a damn gaming site, but whatever, i feel like this is one of the only credible ones, so fuck it.