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Three things that make me depressed (NOT gaming related, very ranty)

Right now, I am depressed. Not depressed in the sense that I need medication, but it feels like it. No, I'm referring to the fact that this world has gone borderline mental.

See, I don't watch the news, mostly because it depresses me. My mother says that doing that makes me uninformed, but it's either that or wonder what's wrong with the world. Three events have occurred in less than 24 hours that makes me hate, well, people in general.

First things first: CNN and the Rapelay controversy. Normally, I could care less about CNN. I saw them as a sorta-FOX news entity except for Democrats. Now I view them as the same kind of people as FOX: people who don't want to report NEWS, but report stuff. Big distinction. They find something, put it on the air, and move on to the next thing. No research, no interviews with people who actually KNOW what the fuck is going on. I don't even think they care about their viewers so much as they care if they're watching. I'm not defending the game, but covering this stuff so late into the controversy doesn't just make them look stupid, it makes me hate how bigger networks can just do whatever they want.

The second thing to cover is The possible destruction of net neutrality. Now, Comcast should have won. Laws and all that. But now this is going to turn into, like, the Cold War or something, but instead of possibly destroying the world, it tears apart the Internet. That is very, very bad. Comcast can block 4Chan, Destructoid, or whatever they want, and no one can do anything, especially if they don't have another service provider nearby. Admittedly, the likelihood of them blocking this stuff is slim, but the possibility is enough to worry me.

Finally, The Collateral Murder video. I'm not going to debate about whether or not it was okay to shoot them. You can make all the arguments you want about Geneva conventions and the rules of engagement or whatever, because I won't even attempt to persuade anyone with that. I WILL say, however, is that this reminds me of the Mai Lai Massacre. Basically, the same situation but much much worse. They got away with it, too. I can't be proud of a military that allows soldiers who murder civilians to be pardoned. They won't be going to prison, or be discharged, or any of that. They may be emotionally scarred, but scars aren't apologies. You can't apologize to a corpse.

Welp, time to look up pictures of kittens. Lots of them.
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