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Why I will be buying Yakuza 3

See, I loved Yakuza 2. I can't find a copy of the first one, but the second one was awesome, confusing maps and objectives included. However, I am in the minority as most people didn't like the first two games. Why? Too Japanese. Judging b...


jim steirlng is a teribble reveiwer

i mean he gave dealdy prominitions a 10...he gave it a higher score than demons souls and that was his goty... he shouldnt reveiw games nymore and be kicked out of destructoid ps heavy rain doesnt not suck


Okay, so now I hate my college class MORE.

Sit down, because this is a mindfuck level of complications. See, I have Aspergers. It's a form of autism, except not full-retard. A government program called DORS(Department of Rehabilitation services) pays for some of my tuition. They wo...


Sega, stop being Sony.

http://www.japanator.com/yakuza-3-hostess-bars-cut-out-of-western-version--13675.phtml You do something awesome, get close to release, and then go "o wait our plan is working someone go fuck it up" and then you FUCK IT UP. We waited years...


My Expertise: I WILL DO IT!

I am simple. I do not think too hard. That means that giving me an RTS or a turn-based strategy game will result in me losing. Always. Geez, I've never finished a Disgaea game and Prinnies are my favorite creatures ever. However, I have be...


Noby Noby Boy is the best game ever.

Awright, my first blog post. Testing the waters, I guess? Whatever. Point is, how many games do you play? Now, how many of them give you goals that you must reach to progress? I imagine nowadays, even counting the lame Force Unleashed choic...


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