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Hoople Doople caused me to fall off my high horse. did i just break my arm?

Now again, as explained before, hoopledoople is a network for gamers, bit like myspace, meets facebook, meets match.com. its running what I still personally believe to be a bit of a shame of a girl gamer contest. No skill involved, hottest girl wins. Simple as.

Upon seeing this I called bull shit and climbed up onto my high horse. Now my horse is very high indeed, I often think the oxygen is thinner up there, then again, that my just be my imagination. I posted a community blog basically high lightening the absurdity of this contest and my opinion, on the whole was backed up by fellow readers, all very nice.

But then I emailed one of the girls involved in the contest to get her opinion. While I said the contest was appalling, I knew this girl deserved to win, because in all fairness you can easily tell she’s up against a bunch of whores. Now I’m not just being bitchy here, they actually are. One girl is actually from whores of warcraft.

Kids, I work as a midwife, and even I don’t see that many tits!!

But the discussion we had led me to one conclusion, Hoople doople is trying, it’s still in beta and there’s a lot to work out. So, upon discovering this contest did I jump on my high horse to quickly and totally miss out on what hoople doople if offering??

Well I decided there was only one way to find out. So I just joined…only for one month to try it out, see what’s going on and report back.

So, stay tuned.
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