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Multigames; Some thoughts on how to combine a casual linear game with a non linear hardcore game, and would there be any benefits in doing so. With multigames I mean games that are more than one game in some sense. Most games are this by o...


Growing the next gen MMO from the current MMO

The strength of starting Dynamic and the real challenge of making the next gen MMO, (itís not the digital part.) A MMO is an online society, a society of human in cyberspace, and therefore it has to be treated as a society. The MMO of the ...


What of the the holy grail of gaming, the MMO 2.0?

What is the MMO 2.0? And what are the benefits with one. (I must say this is my first blog ,so please be forgiving to my bad writing skills.) A mmo 2.0 or in other words a truly dynamic mmo is in short a lot of people playing different ga...


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