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New DoDonPachi!! Shmup Fans Rejoice!!

From this link I can gather that , on February 15th at the AOU show, we will see the new DoDonpachi game!!! DonPachi, DoDonPachi and DoDonPachi Dai o Jo (sp) are three of my all time favorite shooters. I hadn't seen this posted before b...


Toy Tuesday 4 - Nintendo Vinyl

A very special Toy Tuesday this week. As I have mentioned before I'm an account manager (sales) for a collectibles company which is part of a larger toy company. Some of you may remember this post about Nintendo vinyl figures. Which a...


Toy Tuesday 3 - I am the God of War!

Hello fellow toy nerds! This week we have a gallery of the first two Kratos figures from Neca - Kratos: Blades of Athena & Kratos: Golden Fleece Armor. There is also a Kratos in Aeries armor and a 13 inch figure but I'm going to save ...


Blu-Ray and HDDVD releases for the New Year!

Happy New Year my fellow Hi Def whores! Again this week there are multiple release dates because of the holiday. Just to note last week I mentioned not having seen Eastern Promises. My roommate got it for Xmas and we watched it last ni...


Japanese Xmas cards FTW

Okay I just saw this over at a little blog my circle of friends run called the Jerk Store . The blog is essentially just interesting stuff that we want to show each other. Anyway I think Slipshod best describes our mutual feelings on t...


Blu-Ray and HDDVD releases for 12/4

TALLADEGA NIGHTS! O wait of course we all have that already. I am almost as big of a movie nerd as I am a video game nerd. As such I am going to take advantage of my triple's blu-ray capabilities and the very affordable HDDVD add on fo...


MD Arcade Auction - What I bought.

Sorry for the shitty iPhone pics my digi cam broke. The MD arcade auction this year was pretty great. I'd say there were about 500 cabs there from all generations. I had my heart set on a four player Avengers cab that was in great sha...


Samurai Shodown Sen Character List - FEAST!

This was posted over at Neo-geo.com and I have to assume it came out of last weekends location test. It seems to be a list of characters playable at the location test. Mixed feelings overall. Here are some quick first impressions on ...


Maryland Arcade Auction!

Well it is time for the yearly arcade auction in Timonium Maryland. On October 27th at the Maryland state fairgrounds there will be arcade goodness on the cheap. Two years ago I saw a Street Fighter III: Third Strike cab go for $110. (...


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