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HistoricNerd: Gundam: Zeonic Front & Theory Behind Mobile Suit Mass-production

During World War Two 100% of American production was dedicated to the war effort. At the height of American production it would take 30 days for a mineral extracted from the earth in Tennessee to enter on the factory floor as fully fabricated aluminium. American industry was so well delegated in design that a aircraft comprised of 54,000 parts could be fully assembled at the rate of one every hour. In the 60 years following the war American war machines have become ever more advanced in design and the rules they play on the battle field. A F-22 fighter takes any where from 6 months to a year to produce just one aircraft. Even at maximum production speed a F-22 fighter could be produced at one every 30 days. The question raised in today's episode is how would mass-production of a mobile suit be undertaken in order to wage a war with ever increasing demands.
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