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Thoughts on Resident Evil 6

Reading reviews and watching the reaction to Resident Evil 6 was interesting. The majority opinion was that people hated it. Words I saw a lot in reviews included bloated, generic, boringÖ blah blah blah. People hated it basically.

I donít blame them, I thought Resident Evil 6 was disappointing but for other reasons. My main complaint is how itís just an action game. I wonít go in to the whole Ďmainstream horror isn't scary and sucksí argument I have with myself on a regular basis but I blame Call of Duty for Resident Evil 6ís failure. No really,

As a game, Resident Evil was fine, gameplay was smooth, quick and straight forward, but it wasnít Resident Evil. People seems mainly frustrated at what Resident Evil has become as opposed to what the series was. People wanted Survival horror, true fear. They got a third person shooter that swapped taliban for parasite infected soldiers.

Itís hard to state my overall disappointment. I like the game from a game play angle, but it lacks in almost everywhere else. Except Leonís campaign. Honestly, Iíd rather see a slow, puzzle based style of Resident Evil. Like the old games, because theyíre more fun. All we get is these mindless closed off shooters.

"Hey let's move away from the genre we're so popular because of and become a more mindless shooter game because there aren't enough of those on the market already!"

The problem is, we get games like this because of Call of Dutyís monster sales. The fact that it sells so well is why other people look at it and start to copy ideas or styles from it hoping to jump on the bandwagon, and instead we get a game that isnít made how the developer wants it, but based on what sells.[img]

Oh, and don't get me started on Dead Space 3. Yuck.
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