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Hitman Absolution sucks (So far)

Iím so disappointed. I was so excited for this game but Iím just finding almost everything about it frustrating which is what makes this even more disappointing because I still hold Blood Money as one of my all time favorites.

Firstly, taking a disguise is about as useful as punching myself in the dick repeatedly since everyone is always suspicious of you. I mean fair enough that certain outfits may be suspicious, but when Iím dressed as a cop during a manhunt, is everyone really suspect me as a fake considering that thereís another 100 dressed the same in the area? Itís so annoying how theyíre made it almost entirely useless without wasting instinct.

Secondly, the game feels like itís trying to reinvent Hitman, when it never needed it. It just needed something like Hitman Blood Money 2. It feels like itís combining elements from Assassinís Creed and Splinter Cell Conviction which is fair enough, but Hitman wasnít just a stealth game. It was about smarts and creativity, trying to find ways to kill your target with out being detected.

The story has proven to be largely uninteresting as well. Aside from 47ís voice acting most of it seems either dumb or stereotypical voices and that Texan guy? If I get to, Iím gonna stab him as many times as I can. Then waste all my ammo shooting his body, why? Because his voice is annoying and his character is boring and frustrating at the same time.

Just my opinion. Iím gonna try and finish this game. Then trade it in and go buy Blood Money again, either way. Iím largely not liking this game.
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