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Is it me or is Halo 3 online play really buggy?

I played about 20 games online and only like 2 of them weren't glitchy... anyone else having these problems? thoughts feelings suggestions?????? Because i hate trying to shoot someone who skips around every 3 seconds....


Ninja Gaiden 2 Confirmed!!!!

I just saw on g4tv that Ninja Gaiden 2 is confirmed for a 2008 release! Also they showed some screens of Ryu standing in a white purgatorylike setting with swords sticking in the ground everywhere around him. Ryu was not wielding the infamo...


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I got: 2 xbox 360s 1 broken, 1 working, a wii and that's it sold the psp. i currently play on a 32 inch flat lcd tv. i got 2 kids a 5yr and a 1yr old. I'm also a big mario well not really just been playing the friggin mario games for like 20 some years!! the only thing fanboyish of mario i got is my nintendo power patch from the supermario allstars: super mario the lost levels no warping contest. will take a pic if u really wanna see I also work six days out of the week so no time to blog much but god said i catch ya l8r guys.